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Many original buyers have asked how their J. Clary original painting will appreciate in value over the years. While it is difficult to predict the future, it is easy to prove the steady upward spiral of what Jim Clary's works have commanded over the years. In 1968 he painted the Flying Cloud for a gentleman in St. Clair, Michigan. This painting was the same size and complexity of Jim's paintings that presently sell for $25,000. That 1968 painting sold for $180.00.

    Many of Jim's original works are sold before he puts brush to canvas. Because of his name, his award winning web site, his book publicity, and the publicity surrounding a specific work, many collectors purchase original works in inventory, a work in progress, or commission him for a subject of their liking. Clary's career, work, and reputation have reached a level of renown commanding his price for current works, offering the distinct assurance of significant appreciation in the future. Whether a prominent historical vessel, a favorite sailing ship, freighter, tug, or your own pleasure boat, Jim Clary will capture on canvas the ideal setting or specific mood you wish him to portray.

The acrylic original paintings are researched, verified, and created with the utmost detail and accuracy. Thanks to his affiliation with numerous maritime museums he has many sources from which to gather reference data in preparation for each work. For the more complex subjects, a work sketch is first accomplished and corrected before it is drawn and painted on canvas. Each price varies according to size and complexity. With the purchase of each J. Clary original, the buyer automatically receives the work sketch (if one is created), the number one artist proof, and a number of complimentary collector prints of that work, if reproduced.

J. Clary pen & ink drawings are created in the same high detail as his color works. To assure accuracy each work is corrected to existing reference data before it is inked. Pen and ink drawings float on the page and do not extend to the edges of the board on which it is drawn.


These works are accomplished with pen & ink and finished in color acrylic. These images float on the illustration board and do not extend to the edge of the board. While this free flowing technique offers a fresh and unique creation, it still retains Clary's trademark of precise detail. Consider a work by one of America's most prolific marine artists. Jim Clary will be happy to discuss ideas and potential for both upcoming original original works or commissions of a private nature. For further information please contact us at 810.329.7447