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Encompassing all facets of our maritime heritage, the Maritime History in Art collection offers a unique opportunity to invest in the work of one of America's most prolific marine artists.

    Dedicating his life's work to the collection, Jim Clary continues to capture on canvas the most prominent maritime historical subjects as well as those steeped in romantic maritime lore. Each subject represents the end product of an exhaustive research project necessary to accurately retain forever that segment of marine history. It is this tireless endeavor and attention to detail that has made Jim famous. Having traveled the many backroads of history, his tenacious study has enabled him to become involved in such thrilling adventures as the Titanic search, a hook landing on an aircraft carrier, or the exploration of an ancient wreck in a deep diving submarine. He strives to get as close as possible to his subject matter, whether it be through the acquisition of some ships' relic or his "hands on" participation in the sagas that most of us can only dream of. This involvement is of paramount importance because by "holding the legend" in his hands, he brings that much more stunning realism to his work.

    Too fascinating to file away, after uncovering the unusual facts and incredible data associated with each work, the artist and author, Jim Clary writes a mesmerizing, detailed history of that subject, which is usually offered with each work. Many of these stories, which are just as compelling and interesting as his paintings, "take the viewer to the adventure" and serve as a lasting educational medium as well. One such byproduct of this work is Jim's best selling book, "Superstitions of the Sea." The limited edition, signed and numbered, fine art collector prints produced from these extraordinary paintings are made under the scrutinized direction of Jim Clary within a framework of strict quality control. Fortunately, the art of ship portraiture is still around today, though the reason for painting ships has changed. In early times it was the owner, with an understandable love for his ship, that inspired the artist through a fee. Today it is the inspiration of the artist's own love for ships....or his respect for historical accuracy that is captured on canvas.

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