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Keeping members and guests entertained in a creative manner is a constant challenge to those responsible for engaging quality speakers. We offer a unique departure from the typical theme you've employed in the past.

Consider inviting renowned marine artist, author, and Titanic historian Jim Clary to speak to your guests. His vast repertoire of startling, compelling, and barely known secrets of the Titanic are sure to provide a fascinating highlight for your event. He will present a riveting account of The Last True Story of Titanic - while the exact First-Class dinner menu is served to your guests.

Clary was the project artist and historian for the 1983 Titanic Search and is highly regardedas a national authority on the Titanic and maritime history. He is the author of numerous best-selling books, including his recently released volume, The Last True Story of Titanic. As a special attraction, Jim will provide an original pen & ink drawing for the invitation to the event. After reproduction, the original drawing is framed and given as a very special door prize for the evening.

In recent years Jim has held sold out audiences spellbound with this featured program at many clubs, civic functions, and restaurants. His talk lasts about one hour and he has tailored his presentation to coincide with the shocking details of his new book.

Jim has been featured on hundreds of talk-radio shows around the country and based on the overwhelming response to these interviews, we are certain that if you elect to include Jim as part of your next program, the same tremendous reception from your guests is sure to follow. Make your plans now to include this fascinating program as the highlight of your next event and make it truly an event to remember.

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